Message from incoming Commodore Ted Hong

Message from incoming Commodore Ted Hong

“2021: Steady On”
(Statement of incoming Commodore, Ted Hong)

A year ago, if I told you what our lives would be like at the end of 2020, you would have told me I was full of . . . bilge water. Yet, here we are at a time where a face mask is more important than a mobile phone.

First, let me thank Commodore Britta Zimmer-Long for her leadership and example over the past year. She has proven to be a patient, firm and clear thinking leader in a chaotic time. I want to thank former General Manager Chuck Koesters for his tireless work and successful efforts to bring the Club back to a place where people want to be. The Trustees should be thanked for their Herculean efforts to make sure the Club stayed the course during the wild swings of the pandemic. The Club Staff should be recognized and given credit for their flexibility and commitment to our Club.

Several Members and Staff have asked about what “my” direction will be in 2021. This is “our” Club. For me, that means decisions are made in the best interests of the Membership. It does not mean any one of us, as Members or Trustees, can dictate who, how, and what should be done at the Club. Membership means extending to other Members and Staff the same courtesy and respect that you would want extended to you and your family. It still means “Aloha.” In 2021, the “direction” of our Club will be to focus and build on the foundation that Commodore Britta Zimmer-Long, the Trustees and General Manager Chuck Koesters built in 2020.
Over the longer term in 2021, Staff vacancies will be filled. The Trustees will resolve and formalize organizational issues to improve communication and transparency. The Trustees will move forward on repair and maintenance issues. We will plan Member events for when our Community reopens. By this time next year, the Club will be in a better place to focus on the recreational benefits of membership. Our Club is unique. Our Membership is diverse. Our Staff is committed to the Club and enthusiastic. We have all the ingredients to make our Club successful and a great place to be. Our task in 2021 is to “Steady on.”

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