General Manager Update

General Manager Update

The COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it has had on the Club and finances, has required the Trustees to look carefully at Club Operations.  Due to shortages and rising costs, the Trustees have looked at a number of possible solutions.  One solution is to focus on the Club’s Food and Beverage operations, which is important to all of us.  After over two years of working with Chuck Koesters, the Trustees and Chuck decided to move on.  Chuck has worked tirelessly for the Club under extraordinary circumstances and has done well for the Club.

In the beginning of 2021,  the Trustees will hire a new General Manager.  In the interim, the HYC upper management team (Jacen, Carl, Kip and Eric) will be handling the General Manager’s responsibilities with the support of the board of trustees.  The transition will require everyone’s patience and understanding.  Other Staff will continue their employment.  

The Trustees wish Chuck and his family all the best in the future and thank him for his hard work.  

Your thoughts and concerns are important to us.  Please feel free to contact the 2021 Board of Trustees Executive Officers at
Britta Zimmer-Long (Rear Commodore) 
Ted Hong (Commodore) 
Lisa Spain (Vice Commodore)
Karyl Franks (Secretary) 

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