Club Updates: September 3, 2020

Club Updates: September 3, 2020
Dear Hilo Yacht Club Ohana,

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! A reminder the HYC office will be closed on Monday, September 7th.

Mahalo to all of you for taking the time to call ahead and make reservations for dining, the pool, and athletic facilities.  By following the rules, we can continue to keep your Club open, operational, and safe for you, your families, and our staff.

While it is our goal to keep Hilo Yacht Club a haven for stress-free relaxation and enjoyment, the rise in COVID cases in our community cannot be ignored.  This growing concern requires that, from time to time, we revise and update the HYC COVID response plan.  Please understand our goal is to keep The Club open and available for your use while following the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) and CDC guidelines. 

Here is a rundown of our actions and updated policies:

Reservations required for the pool, tennis pavilion, and athletic facilities: In order to comply with the DOH order to limit gathering sizes, we require all members to call and make reservations.  The call-in reservation system allows us to moderate the number of members utilizing The Club so we can remain in compliance with DOH rules. To make a reservation, call Cheryl at the HYC office, 969-6663 x 7, between the hours of 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday to Friday.  On the weekends, you can call the reservation line where they can check pool availability for you.

The number of members using the pool and tennis pavilion is restricted: We must monitor and control how many members are in the pool area at any given time.  The Board of Trustees has also mandated that the pool is for member use only. The no guests rule remains in place.
Responding to the increase in COVID cases here on the Big Island, the HYC Board of Trustees has also updated the following policies:
1) The number of Members using the pool for general swim time is now ten.
2) The number of days per week a member can reserve the pool for general swim time has changed. You can now reserve the pool for up to three days per week. The two-hour block of time remains the same. Adult swim rules remain the same.
3) The number of days per week members can use the Tennis Pavilion is now three, for a three-hour block of time. The maximum number of people allowed at the pavilion at any one time is ten.
4) Adult swim time remains unchanged. 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM, seven days a week. 5 Members maximum, one-hour block of time.
5) General swim time remains unchanged. Tuesday to Saturday 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM.  Sunday and Monday 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Ten members maximum, with a two-hour block of time.

Interior fogging disinfecting: Your club has purchased a disinfecting fogger. Kip and his staff will be sanitizing the interior of our buildings on a weekly schedule, per CDC and DOH guidelines.

Member temperature checks:  Each time you visit for dining, one of our friendly and respectful staff members will take your temperature using a no-touch thermal reader.  Guests will need to supply a contact phone number. The temperature readings and phone data will be logged and filed but kept private and confidential. 

Staff temperature checks:  HYC has been keeping daily records of the staff’s temperatures and conducting weekly COVID questionnaires since we reopened dining operations. 

Staff activities while off work: HYC has a policy that encourages our staff to follow the DOH recommended behaviors while not at work. Everyone that works at Hilo Yacht Club must certify they have not risked exposure by participating in an unsafe community or social activity.

Mask Wearing:  Most of our membership understands and gladly complies with the mandated mask orders.  From time to time though, some members either forget, refuse, or improperly use (cover nose and mouth) masks between the HYC parking lot and the athletic facilities or dining room.  Members who habitually do not wear masks or wear them improperly may face expulsion from the Club.

Social distancing:  Mayor Kim has mandated rules regulating and limiting gathering sizes. Therefore, the Club’s policies and procedures are that HYC reflects the “ten family members” rule.  What this means is that we will seat no more than ten members of the same family group, or six unrelated folks together.  If you have nonfamily guests with you, or you have a larger, mixed group, our staff will space and organize folks accordingly.  If you call to make a reservation, we will ask a few additional questions to determine the best seating arrangement for you and your guests. 

Limitations on events, gatherings, and the number of nonmember guests for dining: In order for HYC to comply with the social distancing rules set by the DOH and the Mayor, gatherings and events at the Club are subject to the following:
1) No more than 30 people, properly distanced, can be inside the clubhouse at any given time.
2) While it is possible to have an event at your Club, the number of guests any one member can bring is limited to nine persons.
3) No single event or gathering can have over 10 persons total in attendance, including the member. Also, everyone attending must complete a COVID questionnaire, have their temperatures taken, and comply with mask and distance rules.

Please note that the rules for social distancing are evolving rapidly, and we may be required to update, change, or modify this rule with little or no advanced notice.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions on how Hilo Yacht Club can better respond to the COVID threat, please let us know.
Chuck and the rest of your HYC team.

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