Club Update: June 5, 2020

Club Update: June 5, 2020

Aloha Membership,

We are excited to share with you the Phase Two Reopening Plan for Hilo Yacht Club.

On Monday, June 8th, we will be resuming outdoor dining, opening the swimming pool, gym, and property at large for members only.  There are safety provisions that include social distancing and a reservation system, but your Club is one step closer to new normal operation.  There is a lot to read here, but the quick summary is this:

Food service, beginning June 8, 11 AM to 5 PM. Outdoors only.
Tennis, pickleball and volleyball, 7 AM to 6 PM. Reservations required.
Gym, beginning June 8, 7 AM to 4 PM (early close for cleaning), Reservations required.
Pool, beginning June 8, lap swimming, 6 AM to 10 AM. General use 11 AM to
6 PM (shorter hours for enhanced cleaning) Reservations required.

All members will sign in, with the station setup under the flag pole.

The Club encourages self-evaluation for signs of illness. It is prohibited for members to enter Club grounds if they are aware of any symptoms that might make them contagious to others. Willful violation of this policy may be grounds for expulsion.  Members should be aware of and assume any COVID related risks associated with Hilo Yacht Club use during this initial opening phase. All members using the swimming pool will be required to sign a hold harmless and acknowledgement of risk as an enhanced part of the usual sign in process.

Below are the rules for member and staff safety.  These rules are mandatory, but, we hope, temporary.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):
Members must wear masks from the moment of exiting vehicles. Masks must also be worn when members are waiting in lines or moving through common spaces. Mask use on the tennis court, volleyball court, in the swimming pool or while dining is not required. HYC will supply sanitizing wipes with which members should wipe tables before and after use.

Lap Swimming 6 AM to 10 AM. Reservations required.
Pool Cleaning M, W, F, 10 AM to 11 AM.
General Pool Use 11 AM to
6 PM. Reservations required.
The pool will close for construction on or around June 22nd.

Total member capacity inside the pool fence will be limited to 20 persons.

Members ONLY at this time.

Members must follow all rules and safety measures while using The Club pool. Guidelines will be posted on the pool bulletin board.

The Hilo Yacht Club pool is scheduled for renovations and repairs, with a tentative start date of June 22nd, 2020.  We realize working on the pool during the summer is less than optimal, but with supply chain disruptions and mainland distribution and manufacturing delays, the Board of Trustees determined the work should take place as soon as possible.

Lap swimming, general pool use, and table use is by reservation ONLY and must be made by calling the HYC office between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM, Monday to Friday.
Any questions should be directed to Cheryl, at
For example, if you would like to have lunch at HYC and eat at the pool, you will be required to make a reservation.

Members can only reserve access to the pool for up to two consecutive hours. Currently, we are booking out the pool one week in advance. For example, if you swim every day at 11 AM, you can book that time daily, for a week maximum.  Pool use bookings cannot be made during times when the office is closed. If we experience a high demand, we will revisit our booking rules. We want to make the HYC pool available to as many members as possible without overcrowding.

Members should arrive no more than 5 minutes before their reserved time slot, and must leave immediately after their swim.  If you are more than fifteen minutes late for your scheduled time, you may lose your slot.

Locker rooms, bathrooms and showers will be open.

High touch areas will be sanitized hourly by HYC staffers. Tables, chairs, counters, faucets, etc.

The pool deck and surrounding equipment will be disinfected every morning prior to opening.

High touch areas such as ladder rails, handles and other items will be wiped down every two hours.

Social distancing (maintaining at least six fee distance from others not in your family group) must be maintained on the pool deck and in the pool.

Lost and found items will not be kept. They will be thrown away at closing each day.

Large groups and parties (10 or more people), are not allowed.

If you notice behavior that is a concern, please speak to HYC staff. Do not confront, discipline, or otherwise correct another member.

Parents are required to monitor and enforce social distancing practices for their children when using either pool and/or while on the pool deck to maintain the social distance of 6 feet from non-family swimmers.

Beverages can be purchased at the HYC Ocean Lanai.

No swim toys of any kind are permitted at the pool. This includes but is not limited to inflatable devices, noodles, kickboards, rafts, or any other items which could be shared.  Inflatable devices which help beginning swimmers to stay afloat are permitted.

The gym will be open on Monday, June 8th, starting at 7:00 AM.

Reservations are required to use the HYC gym; the capacity is limited to three members and one trainer at a time until further notice.  Reservations must be made by calling the HYC office 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday to Friday. 966-6663 Ext. 7

Any questions should be directed to Cheryl at

Reservations and sign in will be strictly enforced. If you would like to keep your prior gym schedule, please call the HYC office to reserve your time and day(s), as soon as possible.

Gym users must clean any equipment used. Cleaning supplies will be supplied. HYC staff will be conducting additional cleaning throughout the day.

Reservation for gym use may be made for only a one-hour time slot.

Dining at Hilo Yacht Club:
Food and beverage service will begin Monday, June 8th, running daily from 11 AM to 5 PM.  There will be no break between lunch and dinner service.

Members ONLY at this time.

During this initial startup, the kitchen will be serving a scaled down, value priced menu, with daily specials.

The HYC bar will remain closed except for offering a limited selection of canned and bottled beverages for your enjoyment.

The HYC indoor dining room will remain closed but the bathrooms will be open for your use. To access the bathrooms, you must enter via the Club’s front doors. No more than two people in the bathroom at a time. The lanai doors will remain closed.

For your safety and that of our staff, we will only be offering menu items to go during the initial startup. You may call in your order by dialing 969-6663 Ext. 1 and we will call you when your order is ready. Meal  pick up will be from the Ocean Lanai window.

You are free to dine on the Ocean Lanai, at the pool (with a reservation) or any of the other seating areas on the beautiful Hilo Yacht Club property.

Seating has been modified to comply with social distancing rules and, for that reason, tables and chairs must not be moved. Additional seating has been provided in shady spots on the Club grounds and you are free to enjoy your meals and beverages in those locations.

Additional Hilo Yacht Club Updates
Tennis, volleyball and pickleball are now open for singles play, family doubles and private lessons; many of our members are enjoying the courts. Tennis, pickleball and volleyball require reservations. Court use is by reservation ONLY and must be made by calling the HYC office between the hours of 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM Monday to Friday. 966-6663 ext. 7

Any questions regarding reservations should be directed to Cheryl at

If you have questions about these policies or other issues, please call General Manager Chuck Koesters at 969-6663, ext. 6, or email

Thanks to everyone for your patience and support as your Club navigates these uncertain and often turbulent waters.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you back at your Club soon!

Chuck and the rest of the HYC staff.

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