Club Update: June 12, 2020

Club Update: June 12, 2020
Aloha Hilo Yacht Club Membership,

A reminder the Hilo Yacht Club swimming pool is about to enter its next phase of life with new plaster, tile, and stairs. This is a very exciting time for your Club, our membership, and our Board of Trustees. As members of the Hilo Yacht Club Ohana, we are all committed to making the long term investments necessary to bring our club up to “first-class condition” and to provide a safe place to play, have fun and relax. Our swimming pool is the centerpiece of the Club, and we are proud it is getting the attention it deserves.

Early in the morning on Monday, June 15th we will be neutralizing the chlorine and begin removing the water from the pool in order to begin the replastering and repair project. 

The last day of member access to the HYC swimming pool will be Sunday, June 14th. Upon completion, we will have a grand reopening celebration and pool party.  At this beginning phase, I do not have a solid completion date. Rest assured, we all want the pool back in operation as soon as possible! I will be keeping you all informed on the progress by email and via the HYC newsletter.

I have attached a map of the property below. On it, I’ve indicated where some of the equipment and storage areas will be located. For your safety, these areas will be off-limits to members during the construction. If you need a personal item from the Pool Building, you will have to call and arrange access with the HYC office.
Not indicated on the map is the location of the dumpster and contractor employee parking. This area is yet to be determined but will be located somewhere near the new white entry gate. We will have contractor parking and dumpster area outlined with caution tape.

During the initial phase of the project, the contractor will be removing all the old tile and plaster from the pool. This work is accomplished using air compressors and pneumatic tools. While not as noisy as jackhammers, the first few days of work will be “acoustically challenging”, and may adversely affect your enjoyment of the Club.  At this juncture, I cannot tell you if the noise will travel to and impact play at the tennis courts or inside the gym. We will have to play it by ear.

One area that may suffer from noise pollution is the Ocean Lanai. We will be cleaning the Club House carpets early next week and resetting the dining room for service. If the noise from the pool renovation is a major issue, we will adjust meal times and begin socially distanced seating in the dining room where it should be quieter. Remember, you can still order meals over the phone and take them to go.

Mahalo in advance for your patience and support as we work to make your Club better.

See you soon,

Chuck and the rest of the HYC staff


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