Club Update: July 24, 2020

Club Update: July 24, 2020

Aloha HYC Ohana,

Just when we were thinking things could not get more complicated, forecasts show Hurricane Douglas impacting our island sometime tomorrow, Saturday, July 25th. The effects of the storm may even extend into next week, so if you’ve not already started your storm prep, now is the time.

Here at Hilo Yacht Club, we are monitoring weather reports closely and making the preparations necessary to keep the Club, staff, and membership safe.  Depending on how events unfold, we may need to close the Club with little advance warning on Sunday or Monday.  I will send out an email notification if we close, but just to be safe, please call ahead before driving down and make sure we are open.

Many of you have experienced extreme weather events like this in the past, and already know that wind, rain, and ocean swell can prevent your safe enjoyment of the Hilo Yacht Club.  We do not want to put you or our staff at risk, so please know if your Club closes it is with everyone’s best interest at heart.

Other HYC News:
The restoration work of the HYC pool is finished!  The plaster still needs to fully cure, and Kip is working on balancing the water chemistry.  Right now, we are looking at a pool reopening date of August 1.  For your safety, COVID rules will apply. This means we will be limiting pool area occupancy and requiring you to call ahead and make a reservation. These rules apply to everyone, including the early morning adult swimmers. Cheryl will begin taking reservations on Monday, July 27th during regular office hours. Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. 969-6663 ext. 7. We are really looking forward to having members back and enjoying the swimming pool!

New menus are coming:
Dining room manager Eric Davis and the HYC kitchen staff are putting the final touches on a new, updated dining menu that will be rolling out on August 1. The staff has been hard at work designing new dishes and upgrading your old favorites.  I will be sending out the new menu very soon! Remember, this is your Club and we look forward to your menu comments and suggestions.

COVID reminder:
Mayor Kim’s Emergency Rule No. 10 was issued on July 20, 2020. In it, the Mayor outlined specific rules that the Hawaii Health Department will soon be spot-checking.  You will be seeing new signage and reminders to mask up, social distance, and sanitize around the Club. These are the three primary things you can do not only for your own safety but to help keep HYC open and in compliance.  Violations of these rules could result in your Club being closed or you being suspended.  Thanks to the Board of Trustees, members of the House Committee, Membership and Athletic for their assistance in developing the plans and policies that have allowed Hilo Yacht Club to be open and in compliance from day one. You all are all truly amazing!

We are all still transitioning into what will be the new normal, but as we navigate these uncertain times, I want to thank all of you for your understanding and support of Hilo Yacht Club.

From my family to yours, mahalo and be safe,

Chuck and all your friends at Hilo Yacht Club

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