Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

The salsa will be hot.
The margaritas will flow.
It’s Cinco de Mayo, ya know!

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta
Monday, April 29th – Friday, May 3rd
Seating Times from 11:30am-1:00pm

Lunch Menu

HYC Big Burrito
Flour Tortilla, Shredded Chicken, Rice, Beans, Shredded Lettuce, Guacamole,
Sour Cream, Topped with Verde Sauce and Cheese

Mexican Pizza
Corn Tortilla, Beans, Ground Beef, Cilantro, Shredded Lettuce,
Cheese, Sour Cream,Pico de Gallo

Beef Enchiladas
Slow Cooked Beef, Spices, Cheese, Corn Tortilla, Red Sauce,
Baked in Casserole, Mexican Rice, Beans

Carnitas Platter
Roast Pork, Corn Tortillas, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Mexican Rice, Beans

Chicken Quesadilla
Mexican Spiced Grilled Chicken Breast, Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese, Mexican Rice, Refried  Beans, Guacamole, Sour Cream, and Salsa

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